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Christmas is around the corner, and what is christmas in Shanghai without christmas market?
As one of the business center in China, Shanghai is like a melting pod, not only from different part of China, but also from different countries in the world. It's not surprising if this city also celebrating the biggest international festival like christmas. But the most interesting part is, since there are a lot of German restaurant here in Shanghai, every christmas they will spoil us with mulled wine, food, and let us enjoy the beautiful christmas decoration in their christmas market.

This year, there are two most popular christmas market here in Shanghai, and I will share a bit of my thought about them.

​1. Christkindlmarkt Jing'An
Located in the heart of Shanghai, this Christmas market is very easy to reach. It open from Nov 29th to Dec 15th, free entrance for monday to thursday, and 60RMB on weekend (you can exchange the ticket with any food and beverages inside).

This market is a bit small compare to the other one, however it brings a very cozy and warm vibe. Since we went there on the weekday, it wasn't that crowded so we can really enjoy the market and took many good photos.

The highlight of this market is the food and beverages.
We tried a lot of food and dessert, but the most lovely one is this PAPITO crepe. I am not a big fans of crepe, but this crepe taste 10/10.
​Finally, big thanks to my friend Youssef who happen to work there and served us with good mulled wine (Glühwein) and an apple wine (which I can't remember the name hahaha).

​2. Paulaner Christkindlmarkt 
This christmas market was set up in front of Paulaner restaurant at 555 Shibo Avenue. It's a bit far from the metro station (2 km walk distance) and it only open from Dec 6th to Dec 8th. The entrance fee is 30RMB/person, and you can exchange it with any food and beverages inside. As for me, I exchanged it with a glass of hot chocolate, came with a very cute blue christmas cup.

This christmas market honestly leave me a lot of memories since it's one of the old christmas market in Shanghai. Compared to the Jing'an one, this christmas market is way bigger and it was quite packed (maybe because it was weekend).
The drink they serve are more various (mulled wine, hot chocolate, ginger ale and etc). My favorite is the oven potato (I forgot to take picture of it). In this christmas market, rather than enjoying the food, we are more enjoying meeting friends (I seriously meet so many friends here), and taking picture here and there, because it was so big and every corner looks extremely pretty.
As the conclusion, I can't choose which one is better between them because I love both of them in their own way. It feels good to enjoy the christmas vibe on this festive month with close friends, and I hope you guys also feel the joy and merry in this month!
​See you another time!
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​So this post is dedicated to what I have done this whole one year, why I miss in action, and the explanation and reason behind it :p , So please hear and bear with my short stories guys.
​Life update ! 
I  am moving to another page on my life from learning foreign language life to continue my bachelor degree ,still in fashion design major here in Shanghai. So if you are foreigner and you want to learn fashion in English and located in Shanghai don’t worry cause they have it. I went to one of them :D
Short story, I am now in IFA Paris School in Shanghai. IFA stands for International Fashion Academy. It is exciting and thrilling to be back to fashion things again. I mean I always love this fields like since I was child and it is nice to dwell with this stuff. It just going back to design life and adjusting with a new school curriculum and standard is taking time, adapting to the new life is taking time too and I am focusing myself in this things for a few months and that’s the reason I don’t write for so long, but no lie that I lost my commitment in writing after a long time not doing this “in that time”.
But now, here we are , I am back and I am ready for giving you guys more post
​SO SO SO ,Don’t hesitate to come and visit us and share with us too!
Here I am giving you my fashion school life report so u know what is a fashion design student
doing basically, we are not just drawing and sketching and doing photoshop or adobe illustrator guys.We really make it REAL from what is the idea in our brain, doing a research about it, designing it, producing it, finishing it all of them. So practically, we need to be responsible with what we design.
I don’t take much photos but this is some of what I have done , hope you can figure it out .
we went to some fashion and art exhibition too sometimes <3
one of the photoshoot photos from my denim project .
I learnt how to do hand embroidery too last semester :D 
the rainbow details <3
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HEYHO guys ! I am backkk , sorry for a super latepost I've just started a new life new school and still in the process of adapting in the middle of the busy hectic fashion school . Today's post is about my outing class to one of the exhibition by Louis Vuitton. If you love traveling, you are going to love this post as much as I do <3 
I did not know that I would love this exhibition so much until I really went through the exhibition. The exhibition is called "Reading Walking : Louis Vuitton Travel Book". So the main point of the exhibition is to introduce people. about what the artist see through the country that they explored. Every artist has their own way to explain and let us experience the vibe and their moments in that country. Why I love it? because I love to know a new places, I love travelling, I love to hear someone's stories from their experience and journey so this exhibition is like a "all-in package" to me.
Guess what country is it ? I think you will know just by seeing the picture ;)
Route 66 - Look the detail of the drawing!! All of them were too amazing, It seems like the artist just drew it with pencil and of course increasing the retro vibe.
Yunnan - China . I like it how they want us to know every artist and what's on his mind when he did all the painting.
My Favorite one goes to South Africa by Liu Xiao Dong. The presentation was so beautiful , There were a video and a book about his journey and how he wanted to picture the scenery in South Africa, his thought his mind about making all of this beautiful picture. The other reason is just because how I really want to go to South African like SO MUCH, and he just made me want to go there more and more. Can you see how beautiful his painting, I couldn't stop reading the book ,it was like i kept reading it several times <3

<--one of my favs too , because the main color was pink ( I do like pink)  and It was so eye-catching .
There were so manyyy country that was awesome too but unfortunately i couldn't share all of the photos here :( (because of the capacity of the photos). It was because of an assignment why I went there but I was thankful to my teacher that because of her I could go to such an interesting and enjoyable exhibition. Suppalove.
BONUS PHOTO: stumbled upon this beautiful library when me and my friends searching the way out from exhibition. I just want to posted it because to pretty to be missed. Lemme know if u want to know the address :p
Exhibition Period: 2018.6.14 -2018.10.7 (already closed now)
Exhibition Ticket : 100 RMB (normal price) 80 RMB (Student Price)
Address               : 8/F Aegean Place, 1588 Wuzhong Road near Baizhang Road.

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Author :

Egg is always be a cute food icon that we've ever known. When the EGG HOUSE gave us an opportunity to play around with egg, what would we say except "yes" ?
The first one that told us the existence of this egg house was evinie, and  it happened on our weekend when we had already planned to go to one museum but it was closed when we arrived. AT first, we didn't expect it will make us happy with really cute playground and fun photo booth what we thought it just we really need a plan B so this place got a fast agreement from three of us.

When we arrived at the egg house entrance, we've already found ourselves in a long queue. Moreover, this egg house ticket was quite expensive .( It costs around :120/person)
But once we stepped our feet in the museum, we could not stop admiring and smiling all the time there. 
the Egg House is basically divided in 4 segments. Each of the segments has their own characteristic and color base.
We did play around and take a lot of photos with a cute pose which is suitable to the background.

So this is the things that I've found out after got my #eggsperience :
1. First better to go there at weekdays because they have a various price for tickets, and going in weekdays was the best option. It just cost around 88 kuai in weekdays!
​2.The egg house is a pop up Exhibition so if you really want to go there u better make it fast 
Just FYI , The exhibition's date is from 7/22/2018 to 10/18/2018
3,This Egg House is based on New York. For further info about this you can check their website : https://www.theegg.house
4.The last, if you really like a cute stuff  (pitball, colorful things, egg, etc) and of course take photos and strike a pose than I will 100% recommend  you to go to the egg house. BUT if you are not that type of person than this is really not a-go-place for you.
Okay guys, so this is the end of my #eggventure , thanks for so patiently reading my post to this part . Hope it will help you to choose your next exhibition destination in Shanghai!


Address :
3F, North Building, Joy City
198 North Xizang Road Zhabei Shanghai
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​I love you, but I think we can’t be together anymore
​Goodbye my ‘PANDA’ eyes!

It’s been a while since the last time I post something on this blog. One of the reasons is because of my never ending final exams (It’s finally ended tho!)

I kind of had like 8 exams in three weeks, which made me need to spend my day in library and stay up to late for studying almost everyday.

And as time goes by, I realize, there’s two things appear during that period.

  1. The one that I hate so much - pimple, but It will disappear soon
  2. The one that I should have hate, but the name is too cute to be hated on - yep yep it’s Panda’s eyes

I got this dark circle below my eyes because of the lack of sleep. Well, eventhough it doesn’t look bad since I'm always wearing concealer during the day, I kinda feel like I need to do some treatment during night. So here it is, I proudly presents this lovely Innisfree Relaxing Eye Warmer!

This eye warmer cost RMB 15/each and they have two different types - Panda and Sheep. 

Once you took it from the package, it will produce heat and you just need to wear it like a normal sleeping eyemask.

But for the result, well, I’m quite disappointed. I was expecting that this eye warmer will remove my Panda Eyes instantly, but it doesn't. 

The good thing is it made my eyes relax. After spending a day in front of computer, this eye warmer helps me relieve my eyes from screen strain. And since I hate to sleep with the light on, this is kinda like the perfect tools to accompany me to sleep.

So I will give this Eye Warmer 7/10
And I will get it again when I feel like I need to stay up late for study or work overtime in front of my computer.

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Auhor :

The summer is around the corner, or wait, is it already happening now ? well hang it there now, because I wanna discuss and share our easy and simple tricks to rock our summer outfits!
So, the question is : what should I do to make my outfit looks stylist yet its comfy to wear? what kind of outfits which is included in must-have summer list? and how to get a good looking summer looks but its cool and perfect for the hot weather.
Here is our sincere answers : 

1. Syen
I wore a baby blue lace top and a white and black strip cullotes. I bought them all online. And not forget to wear this cutie pink sunglasses which you can get it from this online shop called meinu.needs (instagram.com/meinu.needs


I wore a stripes jumpsuit with a bright color (red and white) to highlight the summer vibe. The loose shape in the leg part a.k.a culottes style made me looks stylish and taller at the same time. The horizontal stripes made me looks more "contained" than my usual body, and last for summer essentials : sunglasses.

3. Fve

I wore white strapless shirt that I bought in bershka last year and this culottes was a gift from my mom, the reason why I wore strapless because it always be the first one to comes on my mind whenever I think about summer outfits, and yep I recommend u guys to have this one on your summer outfits list, because it looks effortlessl nice!
AND for CULLOTES:if it makes you looks tall, it makes you feel cool in the hot weather, and if it is loose ( so ofc its comfy ) then def no doubt to rock this one.

Overall Looks - ( and our awkward poses)
Here it is, our outfit report from our "girls garden trip" , for closing it I am adding our candid photo while seeing whats inside syen's phone ,eventhough I forgot the reason behind our smile but we look so happy after all and I hope everyone enjoy their summer time happily as our happy face in this picture. 

PS: thanks to Monika Njomin as our one day private photographer , love ya ! ;*
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Author :

​Is there any woman who doesn't love flower? well, speaking generally almost all of the women in the world love flower, including meeee. So after the busy weekdays, I gathered all of my girls and went straight up to the lavender garden in weekend to relieve stress and chill out a bit.
The Lavender garden was so gorgeous , all purple , all pretty. 
I did so many first experience when I was there, 
First time visiting lavender garden, and It was way wayyy better than my expectation
First time meeting mr.scarecrow and this one was so cutie , a lot of kids and families were queuing up for taking a pict with this garden celebrity.
First time seeing real lavender in closer looks, details and they are as pretty as the one in the picture.
Of course , didn't forget to strike a cool pose for feeds :p, and look at my new nails! DO YOU THINK ITS  SUMMER ENOUGH ?  hoho
Besides the lavender garden , the field have a lot of interesting things to enjoy too, They have a rose garden, a cute Photo Booth, a cute guinea pig to play with , and adorable pretty little things like the cute fan that I hold, the rainbow Ferris wheel, and that traditional Holland house (idk what it is called tbh) .The weather was so nice and it was really a perfect weather for picnic and field trip.
For the closing, I am going to share about the price and the location:
The normal ticket price for adults is : 60 yuan
If you are using a china app, called meituan you can get 7 yuan discount so it will be 53 yuan per person.
The location is quite far because it is not in the center of city, but the good news is it close to Disneyland so you can hang out and grab lunch at Disney town after the strolls.
This lavender fields is seasonal, and it was full bloom in mid June so if you want to go there , you better make it quick.

How to get there :
Metro Line 11 - Disney Resorts
and five minutes walk from exit 3


​Last but not leastttt
The day when I visited this lavender garden , was coincidentally the same day as father's day and coincidentally again I got to snap this beautiful family <3
There is always a father behind their children's smile and I want to say "happy father day to all the great Dad in the world !!"
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I always have a space for art in my heart, I like it since I was a 7 years old kid, and I still do love it until now, 

It just there is something special in art that make me feeling full, relieved, and satisfied in someway. I liked to go to art exhibition back in my teenage day, and I was still doing it in my first semester in Shanghai, but suddenly It just stopped and I am not doing it anymore, and myself, even don't know why. Therefore, last week I came back to my old hobby and went to one of the current art exhibitions in Shanghai , and its located in Fosun Art Foundation.
The iconic front side, main gate of the Fosun Art Fondation.
They have a artsy and cool cafe in the first floor in front of the locket for the entrance ticket.

The exhibition itself called Aerographies by Tomás Sacareno and it was held from 25-3-2018 until 3-6-2018.
Ticket Fee :80 rmb/ person

​Share the best picture that I have and make a little gallery in today's post <3 .The exhibition was basically related with balloon , shadows, and net . It was pretty and a good place to add a new photo for your Instagram  XD .

​ANDDDD the last but not least, you can see the bund and all this magnificent scenery from the rooftop of Fosun Art Foundation (4th floor) , the other benefit is this place is so quiet, not so many people go here and its a good spot to take a photo with this iconic Shanghai's scenery.
The exhibition was quite small, but I didn't regret go there and see all of the art that the artist made. It was pretty with the shape of the net and the cage , it was cute with all the balloon stuff, and it was elegant with the white color as their base background. Thumbs up to the artist and the Fosun Art Foundation itself, it was nice experience for my Friday's Stroll.
Fosun Foundation (Shanghai)
600 Zhongshan East 2nd Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

How to get there :
Line 9, Xiaonanmen Station, Exit 3
Line 10, Yuyuan Garden Station, Exit 1
Bus :
Lines 33, 55, 64, 65, 147, and 736

<![CDATA[German Week in Tongji University]]>Wed, 06 Jun 2018 06:49:53 GMThttp://dibbiedops.com/lifestyle/german-week



My Another University Life Story

​One of my favourite things about studying abroad is the diversity and the various festival held by our University student union. So in this post, I’ll talk a bit about one of the recent festival I had in my University, held by some German students with the help of Chinese student union.

​My flag (the right one) is accidentally looks like a halfcut flag tho, my friend was so nervous when she drew it on my hand >
This festival is called the 'German Week' (eventhough in reality it was only for a day).

But anyway, it was really fun.

Basically, the aim of this festival is to introduce the German's Culture to Chinese and International Friends. They set up some booths, decorated it with German's flag and some decorative lighting which attract a lot of students to come and visit. There's a booth where we can draw the German Flag, some booths for playing games like reading German’s sentences, playing tongue twister in German (which i kinda suck at, it's so difficult! :3), etc.

​But the highlight, of course, is the foods and drinks they provided. They have already prepared some sausages, potato salads (which is taste super good), and pancakes for us to try. And they even prepared some small barrels of German beers that you definitely can’t miss.

Foods, Drinks, and Cultural Diversity. What can be better than this?
Random singing and dancing performance by my Chinese friends. They are so freaking hillarious.

​Shout out to all German Friends and Chinese student union, thanks for providing our tummy with great foods and beers. It was a really fun day (:

<![CDATA[Indonesia Week in Shanghai]]>Mon, 07 May 2018 10:55:33 GMThttp://dibbiedops.com/lifestyle/indonesia-week-in-shanghai
Author :

In Short, Indonesian Week is Indonesia's Big Culture Festival which is held for public on the weekend , and located right in front of Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower. 
See What was inside the festival and what I did there!
Last few weeks, I decided to do volunteer job in INA WEEK for gaining my experience and got so many interesting story there.  That time I got an job for handling media relation which is a whole brand new thing for me. I never knew anything about the press, media, and that kind of stuff . Got a role in that area was really adding my knowledge and education in press world.
Besides , I did a lot of fun enjoying and helping other parts of the festival.
Batik Workshop by Bu Venny from Batik House Indonesia. I did help batik workshop beside the media relation, and it was super fun. Ive always interested in batik and saw foreigners try to make a batik pattern was super exciting.
Me and Syen in DKI ( Jakarta ) Booth and saw all of cute merchandise there . Even we got this free goodie bag (in Syen's hand) after visiting there!
A lot of performances, fun games, and show.
I got a lot of cute and pretty picture , and it will be such a waste if I didn't share it here <3
In Top right pict , I got a chance to take a pict with Miss batik !
with Miss Tourism 2017, she was nice ,humble ,and so youngggg! she is two years younger than me T.T but still much love for her!
with SCTV team as Indonesia press team in INA Week. Thanks for all the experience pak Machmud and pak Nur :D
Literally, so many things happened in that weekend, it was tiring, hectic, and packed but I found my self enjoying every process that happened in this event, I made mistake, I learned, I got much new things and story to tell with. I was proud being an Indonesian and taking a part in this big event. see you next year, Indonesia week!