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​Hi Fellassss !!! I am back, I know I am wrong to keep saying I am back lol (if you have seen my super latest post than u know) I promise to see you more “regularly” than before. SO if I am back then you know what will be the things that I will definitely post first, It is my RECENT BRUNCH REPORT for anyone who love brunch and currently in Shanghai , this is for you <3
​1.Fine Café and Canteen
I didn’t expect to get a super nice brunch experience here to be honest , Because from what I know is they are famous for their pancakes , but it changed drastically after I tasted their Ham and double cheese egg benedict brunch , I love egg benedict and this one is one of the best benedict that I have ever eaten , so recommended! 
Their best one  (must try) :
-Avocado benedict egg brunch + smoked salmon 78RMB
-Ham double xheese benedict egg brunch              75RMB
-Pancakes with any flavor!
I try : the one with chocolate and oreo dressing      58RMB
2.GREYBOX Coffee
It was a sudden quick brunch and it tasted super nice and it made me craving for spaghetti carbonara over and over again even now when I am typing this post. I am not a fan of carbonara but they made me change! Oh and actually, they are famous for their coffee so don’t forget to sip their coffee while you are there.
Their best one (must try):
-Volcano/Dirty  Mocha                     40RMB
-Coffee Latte                                       48RMB
-Dirty Coffee                                       48RMB
​ps :but you need to try the spaghetti too and tell me how is it because I am lovin it <3
3.Hungry Lung’s Kitchen
​HLK is the famous restaurant since I don’t-know-when in Shanghai and of course I have no doubt with their food. What can I say is they have many variants of food from many country and it will make you spending few minutes on the menu just because you don’t know what to eat just because everything is so tempting!
Their best one (must try) :
-Salmon egg benedict                           78RMB
-Lemongrass Grilled Chicken Laksa    68RMB
-Sesame seed cold noodles                 68RMB
ps: I tried their fries with cheese melted on top of it mixed with minced beed and that was the best one for me , go try it guys :D
4.O’mills Artisan and Bakery
I have been here a couple times and I can not lie that their salmon white sauce pizza is the best pizza that Ive ever tasted in Shanghai, it has fresh salmon, sweet sauce, and the crispy crunchy bread it isjust  too much to handle, I am madly in love with this one and I want you guys to try it because this pizza is magic.
Fyi , they have different menu for brunch and dinner
This brunch’s place is really hype till you can wait for 1-1.5 hours in the busy working time sometimes, so I choose to go here for dinner now.
Must try :
-Poached egg avocado toast  58RMB
-Truffle Fries                              58RMB
-Salmon white sauce pizza    138 RMB
-Spicy Beef Pizza                      128 RMB
-Carrot Cake                             32 RMB
upload ithis one, because the detail of their table decoration is too pretty to be hidden, I mean look at those flowers <3 !
5.Liquid Laundry
Same like HLK, Liquid laundry is already famous since day 1 means everybody knows liquid laundry, they are famous for their egg benedict and once again I love egg benedict, so that’s why we met :D
Must try :
-Egg benedict                          78 RMB
-Truffle Sliders                         98RMB
End of the report guys,
Well this report is based on what I think and my own research so tell me if you have any suggestions I am glad to know more from you guys :D
I am hungry now so lets meet again on another post.
Love ,
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Summer is coming and under this super hot days, what could be better than hand holding an ice cream cone? I'm  personally not a fans of super cold drink, but ice cream (and bubble tea) is the exception.

So here is the list of Gelato and Ice Cream you have to try in Shanghai!

1. Luneurs

Located close to Wukang Road (Shanghai French Concession), the gelato shop is really popular and the line is crazy. For me personally this is my favorite gelato shop among the other. The ice cream texture is perfect and the sea salt caramel tasted extremely good. However, since it’s always full of people but the space is quite small, it’s not a good choice to hang out with your friends here.

address: xingfu road no 67 Building E no 107


This gelato shop is open in a small cute stall in front of the restaurant. The sea salt flavour here is quite good, however they didn’t let us sit inside the restaurant unless we pay for 10kuai. My friend asked if he could buy beer and so we could sit inside but they still say no.

address: donghu road no 20-2
I’ve been here twice, first to try their basic ice cream, second to try their honey comb ice cream. It’s really unique, and since I'm fond of honey, I won’t say anything about the taste. However the price of the ice cream here is quite expensive considering the small scoop of ice cream we got.

address: middle huaihai road no 300 (K11 Shopping Mall B2 floor no B237a)

It is located at the city center and also close to the Shanghai French Concession. We ordered 4 different flavors: sea salt caramel, mango passion fruit, strawberry, and coconut. It was quite good, I like the mango passion fruit, but the coconut tasted a bit strange to combine with the others. The shop is quite small and only around 4-5 people can sit inside.

address: Ruijiner road no 39
5. Gelato Dal Cuore

Been put this gelato shop in my bucket list for a long time, and it didn’t disappoint me, except for the avocado. My friend said the texture of the gelato tasted exactly like the one in Italy (so it’s authentic!). We tried 4 flavours at once: the salted caramel, lychee and the strawberry is really good! But yeah, just like what I said before, the avocado tasted bit weird.

address: north shanxi road no 600

One of the most popular gelato shop in Shanghai. It is an Italian gelato company based in Turin and they open branches everywhere in the world, so it is  the most authentic gelato in Shanghai. It melted quite fast and the texture of the gelato is perfectly done. I ordered my favorite sea salt caramel and tiramisu and they didn't fail me. The shop is a two story building and it got quite big spaces with a lot of seat.

address: west nanjing road no 772
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​Pet Friendly Restaurant in Shanghai: Woof Woof



I have added this restaurant into my list like since long time ago, and since I got the chance to meet my high school friends (who happen to be in Shanghai), I decided to take them to this place. What was my expectation from this place? Well, actually is only the carousel that looks good for insta pictures. But, apparently it's more than that!

So well, the carousel obviously looks beautiful! Especially during the dawn and night time (when the light is on). The restaurant itself is so unique. I kinda get the vintage vibes from the interior design with the old bookshelf, yellow light, vintage furniture, and flowers. However, as we observed, it's actually quite creepy somehow. They put too many dolls and animal heads as decoration, and it kind of scary at night. Or is it just us?

[​Also, this restaurant is a pet friendly restaurant, so don't be surprise with a lot of dogs and cats walking around while you enjoy your foods]
​Anyway, not only the interior design has captivated us, I was also surprised by the foods. I didn't expect anything from the well-decorated restaurant, but it turns out to be quite good.
We order 4 different main dishes and 2 desserts.

1. Spaghetti with Bacon, Mushroom, Spinach and Pesto Sauce - 48rmb
> It tasted a bit weird at first, but after that it’s quite good actually
2. Codfish Risotto with Poached Egg - 68rmb
> Recommended! And the portion is perfect!
3. Special Tuna Spaghetti -  68rmb
> It’s sour and salty, but I do like it tho
4. Beef pasta in Red Curry Sauce -  78rmb
> Tasted like Thai Curry, but I don’t mind (I love Thai foods)
5. Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake -  38rmb
> Choco Lava didn’t fail me, the chocolate melted inside and it tasted good
6. Classic Cheese Cake - 38rmb
> It’s ok, but nothing special

​​For me, price is pretty okay (compare to the other western restaurant in Shanghai). I spent 87 rmb for dishes and shared desserts.

I will give this restaurant
8/10 for foods
8/10 for interior design
9/10 for exterior design (for the carrousel HAHA)
7/10 for prices
So in total? 8/10

Address: longteng road no 3399
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Banmian (拌面)is popular in China as one of the Chinese noodle dish, consisting of handmade noodles. Sometimes it served with the soup, sometimes it served dry which we call it ganbanmian (干拌面).

​Personally, I love the one served dry or with small amount of soup, since it’s almost similar to Indonesian’ dishl, bakmi.
My favourite banmian is the scallion oil banmian (葱油拌面),as they put scallion oil, soy sauce, and fried green onions, which make the noodle tasted sweet and savoury at the same time.

​Last week, me and my housemate came to this restaurant, “阿娘面馆“, to try their famous Crab banmian.
Since the price of the crab banmian is quite pricy (cost 45rmb), we only got one plate of it, and we ordered one scallion oil banmian, which cost 25rmb.

The price is quite high compare to the others banmian restaurant. Usually we only need to pay for 10-15rmb for one plate of banmian.
Crab Banmian (蟹粉拌面)
Scallion Oil Banmian (葱油拌面)

​But well, the taste is worth the price after all.

For the crab banmian, it tasted extremely good. The noodle is well cooked, not quite hard and not overcook. The crabs (well excuse my fondness for seafood), is tasted just perfect. However, since the taste is a bit strong, it makes you feel full before you can finish it. But I eventually finished it by myself (hehe, don't blame me, it's almost winter, we need more food to keep us warm).
As for the scallion oil banmian, it actually was exceed our expectation. We didn’t expect it to be that good, but it was. I would say it was the best scallion oil banmian I’ve ever tried in Shanghai.

As the conclusion, I’ll give this banmian place 9/10. I’m obviously will come back again someday (need to save my money first), and yes, I put this as the high recommended restaurant in Shanghai.

​Address: Sinan Rd 36 (Line 13 Middle Huaihai Rd)
<![CDATA[Dessert Time in Vintage Style]]>Sat, 10 Nov 2018 17:57:06 GMThttp://dibbiedops.com/food/dessert-time-in-vintage-styleAuthor :
​I just want to make a NOTICE to THE CAKE LOVERS in Shanghai to try cake from "In Dough We Trust".
Been there a few times but always failed to try their dessert because of a small space of the cafe and the super long queue. BUT finally, I got the chance to exprerience the taste of their dessert and can not wait to share to you guys how is it ! So LET'S GET IN TO IT <3
If you are close to me , you will know how much I love vintage and retro style.When I was just checking a new cafe in town from one food application, and accidentally found this beautiful cafe called "in Dough we trust" you know it didnt take a second to put this cafe on my "must try dessert" list.
Just look at the detail of the cafe is already made me feeling good , even before trying their cake lol. I love the tiles , the daisy flower on the table, the cake stand and all of the furniture in the shop, everything just looks really fit on theme.
What I Ordered :
1.one red velvet cake (38 RMB)
2.one tiramisu cake (38 RMB), and
3.one Salted lime 7 UP (20 RMB)
So here is my review :
1. The red velvet was nice , tasty I can feel the creamy cheese and I could say that I love it <3
2.The tiramisu was SUPA SUPA delicious, I can said it was the best tiramisu cake that I've ever eat in my life, it was so soft and sweet and undescribable. One of my friend said the taste is same as tiramisu cake on  Starbucks and she was so happy to find the delicious tiramisu cake with affordable price so if you love tiramisu cake I REALLY recommend you to try this one !
3.one Salted lime 7 UP basically tasted the same like 7 UP and I didn't feel anything special in this drinks , so maybe better to order coffee when you visit this cafe guys.

Here is it the end of my review!
Do you want to go there ? or
Have you been there before ? 
Tell me your thoughts about the cafe and how much you will score this cafe from 1 to 10 ! :D
For me , 
despite of their small space, I will give this cafe 8.5 from 10 <3

永康路86号 ,上海。
YongKang Road No.86, Shanghai.
510 meter by walk from South Shanxi Road (Line 1/10/12) Metro Station.
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I have loved Japanese foods far before all my friends of the same age did. I remembered the first time my dad took me to a Japanese Restaurant and he ordered me a fresh sashimi. My dad thought I will be disgusted and he will need to force me to try, but my reaction was the opposite. I ate it without hesitation and fell in love with it right away. I was around 7 to 9 years old that time. 
As time goes by, my love toward Japanese foods is decreasing. Doesn't mean I don't like it anymore, but it was because I found a lot more fascinating foods out there, like Korean food (which is quite popular these days), and then recently I'm so crazy with Burgers.

However, like everyone says, first love will never be forgotten.
Okay. No more dramatic opening. I will stop right here. 

In this post, I want to review this super amazing Japanese food I had some weeks ago.
This restaurant called Maki House. They got a lot of branches here in Shanghai, and one of them is open at a mall close to the place I live now. I'm always intend to try it for a long time before, but it always has a long line, and I'm always too starving to wait.

On one fine weekend, me and my housemate decided to give it a try. We took the number and wait for almost one and half hour to get inside the restaurant.

The restaurant has a dark and classy vibes, just like the usual Japanese restaurant. Nothing really special. Once we got the seat, we ordered 4 different sushi as the pictures below.
Foie Gras
Grilled Cheese Seafood
Tuna Spicy
Salmon Avocado
I was expecting so much from the Foie Gras but it turns out to be just "okay", while the other sushi we ordered were EXTREMELY GOOD, especially for the salmon avocado. The sashimi is fresh, and the combination of the sauce, avocado, and all the ingredients (i can't mention) inside is just perfect. My second favorite is the Tuna spicy which is also tasted amazing.

​But the ultimate satisfaction is the price and the size of sushi which can be consider as cheap compare to the other sushi restaurants I've ever been. Price around RMB 28-38/plate.
Will I come to this restaurant again?

I can tell why this restaurant is always packed and why a lot of of my friends recommend me this place. One and half hour of waiting is definitely worth it. I gave this restaurant 9/10, and put this as a high recommended restaurant in Shanghai.

Address: 388 W Jiangwan Rd, Hongkou District, Building B Level 1
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Author :

Bringing good news to all the coffee lovers , because i will share one of new and nice coffee spots in Shanghai to people who can not wide awake before drink a cup of coffee in the morning *rise your hand if you are on the squad :p
The coffee place is called Arabica% , it is quite new and famous in town , the place is small but the interior design was elegant ,it is all-white, clean, and pretty. Adding one of the reason why it is not hard to fall in love with this place . <3
Well speaking thruthfully i am not included in the squad , i can drink coffee but i am not a coffee addict you know what i mean rite ? So i asked two of my girls who like coffee more than me about their thoughts on the coffees.
So here is it, we order two kinds of coffees:
1.Caffe latte (40 RMB)- the taste was mainstream , nothing special, but still in the safe zone
2.Green tea latte (55 RMB)- this one was nice , the green tea taste was strong and it was sweeter than the regular latte ( for someone who love sweet coffee like me u must order this one ) 

The good thing again , the road to arabica was so pretty , they gave me an europian style vibe that makes you want to take a photos in there. There are many restaurant around there besides arabica%. So you can pick your coffee and find a nice restaurant around there for brunch or dinner, win win solution.
Lastly , thanksssss for Ocha Stephanie for helping us and be our one day photographer, you really made our photos go to the next level with your skill. Love ! Check her photography acc on IG: @ioerystory

Arabica %
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Author :

Hellow guys, 
Been so busy lately with some events so it was hard to make a time for uploading a new post BUT finally i am back with my thai night story ! 
Because one of my friend aka Larissa was craving thai dish for sometime so we headed to have thai dinner in one of the thai’s restaurant in Shanghai called KUN THAI. I do love thai food and of course i went to several thai food place in Shanghai but Kun Thai really amazed me. Their menu was different than usual Thai restaurant menu in Shanghai ,it literally brought me back to the time when i went to Bangkok for a trip and did thai street food culinary. 

​Even they have my favorite food from THAI , pig feet ! ( idk it was pig feet back then in thai until i read the menu in KUN THAI and it really put me in a shock bcause I don't know if pig feet can be that delicious)
And we ordered three other dishes :
1. Tom yum ( typical Thai food that we all knew) 
2. Seafood pathay ( it tastes like kwetiauw and it was my second fav 💕)
3. Minced Beef (this one was a lil bit spicy for me, but I still can bear it. It has a strong taste tho)
OH and the milk tea ! The milk tea was okay but it is not really worth the price.
Lastly, They have a good service ! They give us grassjelly for dessert (FOR FREE!yay) I don't know what is called in english but for us indonesian we called it cincau and it was quite nice *thumbs up

Despite the location was not strategic because it was not close to metro station or bus stop the food in kun thai was really worth the distance , i remembered that day i went out from the restaurant with a happy tummy so all good ! 
I will definitely say kun thai when someone ask me a nice thai resto in sh lol

​ANDDD thankyou for larissa yuanita who took all the magical close up shoot for the food , you can check her food feed in IG : @chubbytraveler !!

SEE YA on another post readerrr ;)

​KUN THAI杨宅路85号新华世纪园底商
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Lately, I was super busy with a lot of things. Not only because of my work, but I’ve been helping some charity activities and organization stuff. So when I got free time, I will treasure it a lot, and use it for sleeping. HAHAHAHA. But I mean, of course you gotta need lot of sleep after lot of work right?

But well, other than that, I can do my favorite hobby as well, which is trying new restaurant and having good food. So here I’m will sharing my weekly report about restaurants you need to try in Shanghai.



  1. Sweet Wonderland

​Me and Fefe chose to come to this place at the last minute. We actually had plan to go to another place, but then we found out that that place was packed, so we searched on 众点评 and found this cute dessert place.

​As you can see, the themes of the restaurant is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. They got a vintage green and pink color wall with cute furniture, not forget to put some figures of Alice and her friends, and even picked cute names for their menus (like Mad Hatter Tea, etc). 

​Since me and Fefe were already full, we ended up only ordering Strawberry Ice Cream & a drink (Sweet Watermelon Box) instead of cakes. ​Price around 30-50.

How do I like it?
I love the vibes so much, I got so many cute insta worth picts, and for the foods, it was quite good. Ice cream is normal, but the drink was really good.

​Overall, I will give it 8/10.

Address: Yongkang Rd 39
         2. Little Creatures

Forgive me but I just can’t skip burger for my weekly report. This time, I found this place because my friend invited me.

This restaurant is located at one of the famous hang out area in Shanghai, Found 158. Unfortunately, I didn’t take much picture of the place (I’l make sure to capture some pict next time). Surrounded by bars, cafes, and even clubs, this place is best for chilling during weekend.
Anyway, the restaurant we went, The Little Creature, was quite nice. They got good vibes and super good service.

Me and my friends ordered
  1. Chocolate Milkshake : I love it so much!!
  2. Strawberry Milkshake : Super good and huge, it got super big lollipop on it
  3. The Brewers Platter : Inside it got french fires, crispy chicken, cajun cauliflower, beed & chicken satay, artichoke and spinach deep.
  4. The Creature : Amongs all the burger we ordered, this one is my fave, cus it has onion and the beef is amazing, seasoning was on point
  5. BBQ Angus : The beef was tasted kind of The Creature, sauce was ok.
  6. Chicken Burger: I don’t really like it. The chicken was super dry and overcooked

Overall review, It was good enough, and since it was my friend’s treat, so I didn’t really put attention to the prices. I found it in the internet, the price of the foods is around rmb 80-100 (which is normal for western foods in Shanghai), but since we ordered quite a lot, now I think I should be really thankful to my friend :p.

​Anyway, I'll give this place 8/10 as well, cheers for the best milkshakes!

Address: Julu Rd 158
Get your To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before & P.S I Love You shirt from instagram @syen_vivi / @diagonalleyinpanem
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That’s why I put burger on my weekly list. Me and Fefe did a lot of Burger hunting in Shanghai during this summer, preferably those with promo (like buy 1 get 1) or the cheap with good rating one.

We use this application called 众点评, it’s a chinese application which you can search for restaurants and nice places to hangout in China. You can see all the review, even pictures of the restaurants, foods, menu, and the bills. But since this application is in chinese, if you prefer to read the english version, I recommend you to try BonApp.

Okay, without further explanation, let’s get into my burger adventure.
pic courtesy of Larissa (@chubbytraveller)

Located in the downtown area, this restaurant is easy to find and it's close to the subway station.
Unlike the other burger, they got a super mini burger which cost super cheap. (Around 15-20 rmb)

So since we don’t wanna order two burgers, instead we order different kind of french fries (which still make me hungry, actually). HAHA

I ordered bacon and egg cheeseburger, and my friends ordered peking duck slider.
I think this burger is so simple and tasty. But yes, again, too small.

Overall, I will give this mini burger 7/10. And If I’m pretty broke and craving for good burger one day, well, I will consider to come again to this place for sure.

Address: No 221 Maoming(N) Road (Wujiang Rd) 

       2. MUST GRILL

I was recommended by my friend (who is a burger freak) about this place, and since they have buy one get one promo every tuesday, I decided to give it a try. Me, Fefe, Evinie, and Larissa (@chubbytraveller) came here with a super hungry tummy after work. We ordered 4 different burgers and share it together (price around rmb 80-100).

We ordered:
  1. MUST Burger - the classic one, it tasted okay, but we thought that they don’t give enough sauce on it
  2. American Dream - If you love BBQ sauce, this burger would be perfect for you
  3. Baa Baa - this is my favorite, they put salsa sauce which make it rich of onion flavour (I LOVE ONION, DONT BLAME ME)
  4. Mexican burger - I will put this burger on my bottom list, it tasted almost like the MUST burger with different sauce, but it’s too dry and tasted so-so.
pic courtesy of Larissa (@chubbytraveller)

I will give these burgers 6/10, but 9/10 for the french fries! Honestly, they have the best french fries in town! The seasoning was on point and we like it a lot.

I think this place is more well-known for their steak and wine. I should have admit that they don't really put the combination of the burgers really well, but they got a really nice medium rare beef steak. So next time when I come here I will make sure to order their steak instead of the burger.

Address: Floor 1, Building 2, No.881 Wuding Road
     3. Bistro Burger

​This restaurant is famous with their 15 minutes burger challenge. I have heard about this place so many times, so some weeks ago me and Fefe got to come and try.

I ordered Argentine Gaucho Beef Burger and Fefe ordered Truffle & Brie Beef Burger (price are around 80 to 90).

Personally, I love my burger so much. Inside, they have chorizo and chimichurri, which make my burger tasted a bit like the combination of burger and taco.

I will give this burger 8/10, and since they have buy one get one promo every monday, I will come again sometimes on monday in the future. HEHE

Address: 1/F, Wujin Shiji Mansion, No.291 Fumin Road
     4. Last but not least - MCDONALD!!


Download the application (only in China!) -> 麦当劳,registered your number, and then boom! You can enjoy their one month promo, such as half price big mac package (from rmb 30 to rmb 15), half price chicken burger, free ice cream for new member, etc.
BIG MAC package 15rmb (idr 30000)
Score: 10/10 for the promo and free ice cream

​Address: well, they are everywhere right? HAHA