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Hello everyone! I’m back with my travel diary!
This time, I will share my itinerary and my thought to those who have been asking me around “Where did u took that nice pictures Syen?”
Yes, I just went back from one of the most beautiful province in China.
What is that, can u guess it?
*Drum Roll*
Yunnan! (云南)
Yunnan is a province in southwestern China with a varied landscape encompassing snow-capped mountains, rice terraces, lakes and deep gorges. So, can you imagine how incredible is the nature here? Well, let's get into it.

We went  to Yunnan by airplane, a round trip from Shanghai to Kunming City. We spent almost like 2000 for the flight since we book it a bit too late.
For the transport in the cities, we rent a car for Lijiang and Shangri-La that cost us 1800 rmb / 4 days. (DM me if you need his contact number, I highly recommended him!)

And before you came here, please note that you gotta need to prepare your warm coat!
1. Lijiang (丽江)
In the early morning, we went from our airbnb in Kunming to Lijiang city. We took the highspeed train that cost us 220 rmb per person (D train) which took us around 2-3 hours to reached Lijiang. Our first stop in Lijiang is 丽江古城 (Lijiang Old Town) since we already book a hotel in the center of the old town.

​Our hotel cost 496rmb for 2 bedrooms 1 night. The host is really nice, he even helped us to book our tour to Jade Snow Mountain (龙雪山). *Highly Recommended*

The tour is already include car rental, jacket, oxygen for each person, ticket for the mountain and the cable car, ticket for 蓝月谷 (blue moon lake) entrance, ticket for 印象丽江 (the impression of Lijiang) performance, and also for lunch. Tour cost 550rmb/pax.
丽江古城 (Lijiang Old Town)
Jade Snow Mountain (玉龙雪山)
蓝月谷 (blue moon lake)
印象丽江 (the impression of Lijiang)
View from the high point of Lijiang Old Town
What do I think about this place?

1. Lijiang old town is very nice and authentic. I love how the classic and modern vibes meet in this old town. While the architecture is obviously looks old, but you can also found a lot of cafe and live music bar everywhere and it’s so relaxing
2. The Jade Snow Mountain is a must visited spot in Lijiang. But I’m pretty sure it would be looks prettier during winter or spring, since it was raining a lot and has less snow in summer. The performance of the Impression of Lijiang is AMAZING and you definitely won't find it in other place. For the Blue Moon Lake, it should be beautiful, but it was raining and the lake is barely blue. But living in a country with a lot of lake and waterfall, this kinda view is not something new for me

Hotel: Lijiang Shui Lian Yi Boutique (Booking.com)

2. Shangri-La (香格里拉)
After we went back from the Jade Snow Mountain, we continued our journey to Shangri-La, which took us 5-6 hours to reach. This city is quite close to Tibet, and the weather is quite chill even during the summer (this is why I warned you to bring your warm coat earlier).

We rent a hotel with 2 bedroom and stay for 2 days, in which we spent 829rmb in total. The location is inside an old town.
On our first day in Shangri-La, we went to Potatso (达措国家公园), and we spend half day here since it was raining hard that day. At night we went to a very interesting hotpot restaurant in which we need to pay 150rmb/person. Their speciality is the 牦牛 (yak meat), and we can refill our meat whenever we want. They also offered a really interesting performance by the local people, and a bonfire after dinner. *Unfortunately I don't remember the name of this restaurant, it's really a cool experience tho*
Potatso (普达措国家公园)
Breakfast in Shangri-La - Yak Milk
Hotpot in Shangri-La

The next day, before we went back to Lijiang, we visited Sumtsaling Monaestery (赞林寺).

Sumtsaling Monaestery (松赞林寺)

What do I think about this place?

1. I have a huge expectation for Potatso, but since it was raining, it didn’t come out as good as I thought. But I’m pretty sure it looks pretty tho if it didn’t rain.
2. The Sumtsaling Monaestery is pretty cool. It feels so different compare to the usual temple in China. The architecture has tibetan style with the color of yellow & brown as the main color rather than red & gold that we usually can find at the other temple in China. (FYI, Tibetan architecture got the influences from Chinese and Indian culture)

Hotel: Kersang's Relay Station (Booking.com)

​3. Dali (大理)
The last stop of our Yunnan trip is DaLi (大理). From Lijiang to Dali we took a normal train (and this is my first time ever to take train K in China). The journey is about 2 hours and we got one compartment for 5 of us, and it cost 34 rmb per person.

​We arrived around 5pm and directly took the bus from train station to the place we are going to stay overnight. The rest of the evening we went to DaLi old town(大理古城)which is still walking distance from our place. Me and my friends did a Yunnan braid, so we ended up with this colorful hair.

The next day, we explore every side of Erhai Lake by car, which cost us 400 rmb a day (8 hours, driver included). Our first stop is Chongsheng Three Pagodas (圣寺三塔), we decided to not enter the pagoda since we were afraid to spend too much time there. Next the driver took us to a garden (I don’t remember the name), in which we took so many instagramable photos (ticket cost 45 rmb). The last stop is the Erhai lakeside which dedicated for people to take this picture. The interesting part of this place is, along the lakeside, the local people already prepare the same transparent ball and other property, then they charged us 10 rmb/person for taking photos. They really do a good business here!
Chongsheng Three Pagodas (崇圣寺三塔)

What do I think about this place?

So yeah, basically our trip in Erhai Lake is dedicated for our insta feed, but anyway it’s always refreshing to see the color of sky blue and water blue meets.

This city marks the end of our Yunnan journey. It was an unique experience since we met a lot of minority ethnic group with their colorful cultures in Yunnan. I found that Yunnan people tend to be more humble and helpful, rather than people in Shanghai (well maybe because Shanghai is a big city and people are too busy to care about other things). Most of the people in this place looks like they are very enjoying their life and also blending to the nature a lot.
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​Living in a country that rich of its natural attractions is something that I sometimes take it for granted. That might be the reason why do I mostly plan my holiday abroad rather than in my own country. However, in the past few years, through some talks with my International friends, I found myself to cultivate interest in traveling in my country which also lead to my decision to go for mount climbing (well, it's not really a mount climbing tho) to one and no other, ​Mount Bromo.
We booked a tour which already includes car rental, off-road jeep (that can take up to 6 people), entrance tickets, and the driver which also play a role as our tour guide. It took us approx 4 hours from Surabaya to reach the very bottom of the viewpoint by car. Since the roads are still not well established and it can possibly damage the car’s wheels, we shifted to the jeep. The journey with the jeep itself took us almost an hour until we reach the highest point where we can watch the sunset and mount bromo as a whole.

We arrived to the viewpoint at around 4.00, waited for about an hour before the sun shower their light to the earth. It was so cold (around 5-10 degree celsius), but still bearable, however I recommend you guys to wear more clothes during June-August instead (because our tour guide said that during sunny day, the temperature will drop significantly!).

The view was breathtaking, although I was a bit disappointed because the fog was so thick due to the rainy day, however it is still one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever watched in my life.

We grab some breakfast afterward (a typical food that you always can find when you do hiking, the one and only INDOMIE!).

After we spoiling our tummy, the jeep headed to the second destination, which is approximately need about 20 minutes of drive.The next place to visit is the crater of Mount Bromo. There are two option given to reach the crater passing through the Sea of Sand. In my case, I rented a horse because It’s been a while since the last time I ride a horse, and the other reason is because I simply too lazy. The horse riding cost us IDR 150.000 (back and forth).

But the horses only can took us to one particular point where we need to continue the journey by ourself walking down the stairs to reach the peak. 
Horse riding cost: IDR 150.000 (back and forth)
Mount Bromo Crater (covered by fogs)

​The crater, however, was a bit disappointing since it was so many fog at that time that made the color of the lava lake came out as white rather than green. And take a note if you have fear of heights, I also won’t recommend you to go up.
Padang Ilalang
Pasir Berbisik
When we back to our jeep after the short tour of the crater, it was sprinkling. So we decided to cancel out our plan to Teletubbies Hill, instead we went to Padang Ilalang, which we took so many insta worthy picture.

​We also happened to get the opportunity to take some picts in Pasir Berbisik.

Both of these two destination is not far from the Sea of Sand, therefore I would like to recommend you to just came a bit cus it is worth to take picts in these places for the next new profile picture! Hehe 

Finally, after we finished our trip, our tour leader took us to Lava View Hotel to enjoy our lunch (which already included in the tour package). Eventhough the climate didn't really support our trip, but I feel pretty satisfied, and grateful for the beauty of the country where I live. See you in the next trip!

Anyway, check out my youtube channel and find out more about our short trip to Bromo!
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One of the reason why I decided to come to China for study is because I admired the beauty of its culture.

So after two full months of work, finally I can escape from the reality for two days.

Apparently after being a volunteer of the school registration week, our school being so generous by giving us a free two days tour to  Ningbo(宁波市).
Well, before I came to this place, honestly I have no idea what does this city has. I have already planned to come to this city since 2014, only because my best friends were there, studying in one of the most elite university in Ningbo, The Nottingham University. So yes, that's the only thing I know about Ningbo, Nottingham the fancy University. (And FYI, my friends are already leaving Ningbo before I got to visit them)

So, other than the university, all I knew about Ningbo are only about how small this city is (compare to Shanghai, I mean, HAHAHA, no offense) and how close it is to Putuoshan Island (普陀山).

​But turns out, there's so much more about it.

First thing we do when we reached the place is to have lunch (It was a two hour trip by bus from Shanghai). Nothing special with the lunch, but there's something so interesting with the place we had it. This place called Hangzhou Bay Wetland Park (Don't ask me why does it called Hangzhou Bay instead of Ningbo Bay). But anyway, you can find a lot of incredible scenery from the authentic Chinese buildings, lakes, the insta worthy thatch grass field to the Windmill.  We even got the chance to take the boat to see around. A lot of green and fresh weather, what can be better than this?
​​Oops, which one should I choose? 

​At night, our school took us to a carnival called "Nice". Me and my friends were doubting about the carnival at first, since the name was too simple, but it turns out to be awesome! Apparently Nice Carnival is the world  largest and most famous carnival (I feel bad, not knowing this), and this year the carnival theme is "The King of Space", that's why you can see the NASA Parade Car and the cute mini Darth Vader in my pictures. The Nice Carnival is one of the most important carnival in France, so that's explain why most of the performers are foreigners instead of Chinese.

Darth Vader: "Where am I, huh? I think I'm in the wrong space??"
The second day morning, we went to Tianyi Pavilion. It's the oldest existing library in China. Founded in 1561 by Fan Qin during the Ming dynasty. But this library isn't just a library. It was built like a complex of houses with huge beautiful garden. As a big fans of book, I would love to spend my day reading books in this kinda library. 

Unfortunately, we only had about one hour to strolling this place since we need to have lunch, and our next stop is a bit far from the city.

In the afternoon, we went to Fenghua Xikou Xuedou Mountain.
It's a mountain with a buddhist temple on the top of it. We didn't really climbed the mountain since we don't have enough time for it, so our bus parked not so far from the gate of the temple.

The temple is consist of individual buildings where people from different places came to pray. The architecture and construction are amazing, along with the beautiful view of the mountain. There's hundred of stairs to reach the top of the temple where the big copper Laughing Buddha statue sit on.

*NOTE: Please be aware that while it is alright to take photos of the grounds of the temple, the huge copper Laughing Buddha and all other statues and structures, but it is not acceptable to take photos inside the individual temple buildings as they are a place of worship.

This place marks the end of our trip.

Anyway, what I love more about Ningbo is because I got to travel with my friends, get to know them more, and made a beautiful memories with them. We even get the chance to celebrated our friend birthday there.

What a lovely trip!

Aside from the places we visit, I found that Ningbo has a better weather, adorable natural view, and more cultural sites to explore compare to Shanghai.

I think it would be best if we can spent more days here and visiting Putuoshan.

So.. maybe, see u next time, Ningbo?
<![CDATA[Pool Day in Bali]]>Thu, 09 Aug 2018 06:00:12 GMThttp://dibbiedops.com/travel/pool-day-in-bali
Author :

Bali , is never boring in my travel dictionary. I always get different experience and journey everytime I go there. Last winter holiday, when I went back to Indonesia, I had already planned to visit my Bali girls, Citra and Tiffany and  made my weekend as a short escape to Bali.

Unfortunately, the weather was so bad, and we can't go to the beach that time so my friends took me to Mrs.Sippy Bali to enjoy our Sunday,that was when fun get started.

My friend really knows what I like what I love what the things that really attract me (That's why they are my friend <3) .Mrs Sippy is really my type of hangout place. They have pool inside, it is a quite big pool and the nice part of it is they have their iconic triple-tier dive tower with the highest one is 5 meter (and I jumped! the picture above is the proof! hoho). I like something challenging and thrilling even I am scared of it haha (young people be like). 

The entrance gate is 100.000 rupiah include swimming fee, and voucher 100.000 rupiah which you can use for everything (food, bathroom, towel, etc) that costs 100.000 rupiah
I really got the chill summer vibe there, everyone there is so nice, the service was good, and even the lifeguard there was so fun. It was indulging my self just to be there dipping water with coke in my hands. The design of the place is so pretty too, they are all-white with irresistible beauty. 
​The last we have a nice brunch ! We ate Pizza and it was really a perfect combination for our pool day.

​I was so glad  to be there and surely will come back to you, Mrs Sippy ! Give you 9.5/10 because nothing is perfect but really , what I know from Mrs. Sippy is no other than a " F.U.N " word.

Adrdress :
Jl. Taman Ganesha, Gang Gagak 8,
Seminyak, Bali
 WhatsApp : +6281139603196 
Opening Hours :10 AM - 9 PM Daily

For further Information, Check their website !

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It’s August already, means that summer is coming to its end soon. However, for us Indonesian, we have a never ending summer for the whole year. We have all year round sunshine. And talking about summer, Bali is always being the first thing to come into my mind. Yes, Bali, that beautiful and heaven-like island. And since a lot of my International friends are interested to visit Bali, so I decided to start posting a series of my Bali experience in this blog.
In this post, I want to share a bit of my surfing experience last year in Bali.
Well, I’ve been to Bali like a lot of time since it’s only 45 min by plane to get there from my hometown. Even the flight ticket is not that expensive.

However, everytime I went to Bali, what I do and place I go are almost the same.
​So, last time, when my Korean friend, Yujung, and her family came to Bali for holiday, I decided to do thing that I never have done before.

Yes, it’s Surfing.

​Since Yujung’s parent are turns out to be fans of challenging sport, they agreed as soon as I asked them to do it.​
So at one morning in Bali, 4 of us went to Kuta Beach.

FYI Kuta Beach is one of the famous beach in Bali, and a common beach that everyone will visit. It's located on the on the western side of the island's narrow isthmus.

​For the view, I won’t said it’s good enough for chilling and sunbathing, since there's too many people come and it's surrounded by a lot of  shops and stalls. 
But the waves here are quite stable, that's why Kuta is the best place for beginner surfer.

At the shore, we found a lot of stall's renting surfing boards and even offering a 2 hours surfing lesson. We rent the board with the coach for IDR 200.000/person (rmb 100, usd 14).

​<< Yujung and our local coach
I was so nervous at the beginning.
I love water sport so much. From diving, snorkeling, jet ski, donut boat, to rafting and stuff, but I've never surfed before. I always thought that surfing is too difficult for someone who's not really good at sport like me. But, well, I want to give it a try.

First, the coach taught us to do some basic movement (paddling and standing on the board) at the shore before we get into the water. He also asked us to do some warm up and alerted us to be careful before we started. After done with our practice at the shore, he took us to the water.

As I expected, it was super difficult. You are not only required to have a body balance, but also need to understand when does the perfect wave willl come and when is the best time to stand on the board.
Yujung's dad with his surfing board

In fact, to stand on the board is not the only difficult part, the hardest part is to keep standing still and landing perfectly. I guess to master the technique will really need take a lot of practice. I fell from the board several time, and the most dangerous part is when you stand too close to other people and crashed into each other. There’s one time that I got hit by someone's board and it’s so freaking hurt.

However, as I saw Yujung’s parent, who obviously much older than me, were keep trying and didn't give up, I decided to keep going till finally I did it perfectly (only once HAHA).

​It was extremely fun eventhough I’m not sure how many time I fell and how many wound and cut i got. But this first surfing experience really is one of the memorable one. If I have a chance to do it again, I will definitely do it and master it (I wish hahaha).